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Organic menstrual products accessible to everyone.

When and where they need them.


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A modern Swiss subscription service personalized for every space and user.  


Promote gender equality, health and happiness

with innovative and

useful employee benefits.


Equip your students with the tools they need to succeed, allowing them to focus on what matters.


Help bring Fem.Friendly to the places you spend

your time at and get

involved with our cause. 

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We are proud to have a Fem.Friendly dispenser at the SDG Solution Space. With regard to Fem.Friendly, we equally value a sensible menstrual health advocacy as well as the availability of free organic menstrual products for our fellows and visitors. 


Fem.Friendly has helped us proudly signal that we walk the talk when it comes to loudly promoting gender equality (SDG 5) and well-being of women (SDG 3) at the workplace (SDG 8). 

Thomas Maillart,

SDG Solution Space



Why Switzerland?

Swiss menstruators report having not had a tampon or pad while they needed one while at school or work.

9 in 10

1 in 5

menstruators in Swiss Romande 

feel they cannot always afford the menstrual products they need.

Swiss menstruators have left work or school to buy the products they needed in a period emergency.

7 in 10

of Swiss menstruators who go home to handle a period emergency stay home for the rest of the day.


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