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Organic menstrual products accessible to everyone.

When and where they need them.


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A modern Swiss subscription service personalized for every space and user.  


Promote gender equality, health and happiness

with innovative and

useful employee benefits.


Equip your students with the tools they need to succeed, allowing them to focus on what matters.


Help bring Fem.Friendly to the places you spend

your time at and get

involved with our cause. 

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We are proud to have a Fem.Friendly dispenser at the SDG Solution Space. With regard to Fem.Friendly, we equally value a sensible menstrual health advocacy as well as the availability of free organic menstrual products for our fellows and visitors. 


Fem.Friendly has helped us proudly signal that we walk the talk when it comes to loudly promoting gender equality (SDG 5) and well-being of women (SDG 3) at the workplace (SDG 8). 

Thomas Maillart,

SDG Solution Space



Why Switzerland?

Swiss menstruators report having not had a tampon or pad while they needed one while at school or work.

9 in 10

1 in 5

menstruators in Swiss Romande 

feel they cannot always afford the menstrual products they need.

Swiss menstruators have left work or school to buy the products they needed in a period emergency.

7 in 10

of Swiss menstruators who go home to handle a period emergency stay home for the rest of the day.


More About...

  • Why should I provide menstrual products at a school?
    Healthy students = happy and successful students. Menstruation is a vital component to the overall health and wellbeing of all who menstruate and while the average female will menstruate for over 40 years of her life, almost every menstruator will begin their period during their schooling years. Young people have more frequent period emergencies and are less likely to be able to afford products. Students report feeling ashamed, distracted, unsettled and embarrassed when they are not prepared for their periods while at school. FACT: 1 in 5 menstruators in Swiss Romande feel they cannot always afford the products they need and 95% of those who cannot afford products are under the age of 25. FACT: 7 out of 10 Swiss menstruators have had to leave school in an emergency to find the menstrual products they needed.
  • Are the products in Fem.Friendly dispensers safe?
    We partner with leading brand, Organ(y)c, to stock our dispensers with GOTS certified non-applicator tampons and MADE SAFE™ certified pads with wings. The products are trusted by gynecologists and dermatologists and DO NOT contain any of the harmful chemicals like synthetics, polymers and chlorine that are traditionally present in non-organic products. Every piece is individually wrapped to avoid cross-contamination and ensure the highest possible hygiene standards.
  • How does the Fem.Friendly service contribute to sustainability?
    The products Fem.Friendly uses are 100% biodegradable and packaged in eco-friendly and waste-minimizing manners. Pads are wrapped in MATER-BI, which is a cornstarch-based biodegradable and compostable plastic. By using Fem.Friendly, your comany will be contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in an actionable and measurable way. Most specifically you will be positively reinforcing the following goals:
  • What is the price?
    Every school is unique, and there are several factors that influence which subscription will best fit your space, students and staff. Request a quote and we will happily get back to you as soon as posisble to provide you with a more detailed estimate and a free on-site consultation.
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